Magbulb – There’s a Way to Do It Better

There is always a better solution to a problem. That one that is simpler and easy to execute. I guess that’s what we call innovation “finding better solutions to problems”.
Recently i got the opportunity to know about something like that, Magbulb. A very simple magnetic light bulb socket that in my opinion is the need of every house. When i first read about it, i just had one word in my mind “SMART”.

They launched a kick-starter campaign and the response is amazing.

magbulb, making life easier

This is not a sponsored post. We opted for Magbulb testing and the review is based solely on our personal opinion which was formed after testing this product.

Team Product Analogy

My team & i don’t usually write about one single product because that is something we don’t do. But this one is an exception because it is something exceptional.

Magbulb “World’s First Magnetic Light bulb Socket”, sounds simple but very effective. This is a combination of traditional bulb and the magnetic socket, which makes your job a lot easier.
You don’t have to waste your time on changing light bulbs. According to Magbulb website, You can change a bulb 10 times faster by using a magbulb socket.

you can change yoyr bulb 10 times faster with Magbulb
Visuals Courtesy: Magbulb

How It Works

The working of Magbulb is very simple. There are two basic parts, among them, one is used with the lamp holder and the other one is used with the light bulb.

The part that is used with the lamp holder can be screwed in very easily. After that, you put the other part on the light bulb and here you go. Just bring your bulb close to the part that you screwed in the lamp holder & you are done.

In case you want to change the bulb with a new one;

  • Just pull the bulb out
  • Remove the part that you previously put on the bulb
  • Put it on the new bulb

& that’s it, you are done.

how mag bulb works
Courtesy: Kate Mokrovolska from Magbulb Team

Aiding Elders & People with Disabilities

Previously, it was not easy for elders and/or people with disabilities to do routine tasks such as changing a light bulb. Especially for people with arthritis, Alzheimer’s disease or any other ailments that impede motor skills. But Magbulb makes this easier for them too.

Magbulb makes it easy for people with disabilities to do such routine tasks such as changing a light bulb

Magbulb is not just for normal households, but an excellent product for everyone.

Video Courtesy: Kickstarter & Magbulb

Magbulb Kickstart Campaign

As i said in the beginning, Magbulb launched their kickstarter campaign and the public response has been amazing. They have successfully raised more than $22000 till today. See the updated stats for yourself by clicking here .

kickstarter campaign

You can also contribute to this campaign and support this amazing product. To do that;

  • Go to Magbulb Kickstarter Campaign
  • Click on back this project option
  • Choose your package (Amount) & click continue
  • Add your credit card information through which you want to pay your contribution
  • Click okay

Your contribution has been made.

Kickstarter is a crowdfunding platform where you can support your favorite projects because you believe in them. In return, you can get the product or other goodies such a t-shirts or stuff.
These contributions help those projects in financial terms and make it possible for the people behind that project to turn it into reality.

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