6 Best Electric Tricycles for Adults & Seniors

Featured photo with a Black electric tricycle for adults and seniors with a front and back basket and comfortable seat

Ever found yourself thinking about the best electric tricycle for adults? With the growing uncertainty of the economy and commute expenses, e-tricycles for adults have become an easy option to move about in the area and get chores done.

But the question stands, which electric tricycle for adults would serve the best and how should one maneuver about choosing the best Electric Tricycle for adults? Henceforth, we will explore some viable options and review what makes them stand out. We will also review aspects such as what can be one’s reservations upon owning them. 

With electric tricycles for adults becoming the new norm, it is safe to say there are several competitors trying to make the most of this demand. And for you to choose the best e-tricycle near you, you got to be well versed in the features of electric tricycles and how the consumer experience has been with them. 

In this guide, we’ll be exploring some best electric tricycles for adults and what might be the right option.

Best Electric Tricycle for Adults Reviewed in 2023

Motan M-330 P7 ADDMOTOR Electric Tricycle for Adults

Motan M330 electric tricycle for adults

Editor’s Choice

  • 48V * 750W Motor
  • 4 Working Modes and 7 Speeds
  • 20″ Fat Tires
  • Mileage: Up to 85 Miles with Level One Assist Mode
  • Weight Capacity: 350 Lbs

Addmotor Motan 3 Wheel Ebike possesses a strong motor of 750 watts enabling it to go up to a speed of 22 miles per hour. The bike is designed in a sturdy manner with black paddles and a 7075 alloy frame, this electric tricycle for adults can go with you a long way. Possessing a basket located in the front of the trike serves as a space of great capacity making it of great ease to get groceries done or to transport your carrying material from one stop to another!

The best feature might just be the removable battery feature: equipped with a 48 V 17.5Ah Panasonic lithium battery, this ebike for adults can be an excellent medium for transportation for great miles. Not only this, the trike comes with a USB port allowing you to charge your devices on the go and navigate your way better!

The night mode LCD enables visibility at night and gives a clear sight of traveling speed and mileage to ensure your trip is a safe and secure one. Having dual rear brakes ensures a safe stop upon a break and the brakes are connected to the taillight which is activated upon the brakes being applied.

Tricycles can be a hassle to assemble. However, this eTrike is almost 85% assembled, and you just go to stretch out efforts for the remaining 15% only and you’ll have your bike ready for a ride! The electric tricycle comes with a manual that can aid you in assembling your eTrike for a ride! With all this, there is also two-year tech support and a one-year electric service facility which ensures there’s guidance along your way with exploring your Motan M-330.

All in all, this bike might be the one for you if balancing is a problem for you, especially with heavy stuff. The basket comes with a bag which is great for carrying extra bike accessories, bottles, etc. Being a 3-wheeled bike, and possessing a strong 750 Watt motor, it has the capability to make your riding experience a quick and convenient one.

  • Powered by a 750 watt motor allowing you to go up to a speed of 22 miles per hour
  • Easy assembly
  • Night mode feature in the LCD allows to clearly view of speed and mileage
  • USB port to charge your devices on the go
  • No steering stop resulting in over-steering of wheel

Motan M-360 Fat Tire Electric Tricycle for Adults

Motan M-360 electric tricycle for seniors and adults

For a Comfortable Riding Experience

  • 48V * 750W Motor
  • Mileage: Up to 85 Miles with PS1
  • 7 Speeds
  • 350 Lbs Weight Capacity

ADDMOTOR Motan M-369 is equipped with Panasonic 48 Volt system and has a battery of 17.5Ah. The battery being keenly placed just below the saddle attains a lower center of gravity of the electric tricycle and enables the rider to ride in a well-balanced manner. The battery being removable is easy to charge and the bike takes up to only 5 hours to be fully charged and ready for a ride.

Hill climbing may also seem like a breeze with this eTrike! With a bafang hub motor installed in the front wheel which can generate 750 watts of power to 1000 watts of power while you go uphill, this eTrike can guarantee a safe ride on inclined slopes. Not only this, but Motan M-360 is also a smooth ride on sandy plains.

The bike seat having a reclined backrest assures your back remains in a good, upright posture and you don’t feel uneasy throughout your ride. Moreover, the electrical tricycle being thoughtfully designed comes with the feature of foldable handles to ensure the least space is occupied by your eTrike when you aren’t traveling.

Lastly, storage space should be no issue for you on your Motan M-360! With a premium alloy-based rear basket, it also comes with a water-resistant storage bag to help you transport and carry your items from one place to another. 

The bike also has a premium LED halo headlight which adds to the visibility and ensures a great ride on dark nights with low risks of you bumping into anything!

  • Having a lower centre of gravity, it offers a balanced and stable ride
  • The motor holds the capacity to go up to 1000 watts uphill allowing one to easily make their way through a hill
  • Has a reclined backseat to provide a comfortable seating to the rider
  • Great storage space space along with a water resistant carrying bag allowing you to conveniently roam about with your items
  • Not suitable for everyone because the frame is longer (lighter front) and the front well tends to slip a lot when you are fully relying on motor

MALISA Electric Trike for Adults

Best Electric Tricycle for Adults by Malissa

Sturdy Built w/ Higher Weight Capacity

  • Mileage: Over 40 miles with pedal assist mode
  • Shimano 7 Speeds
  • Top Speed: 26 Miles Per Hour
  • 440 Lbs Weight Capacity
  • 5-7 Hours Charging Time
  • Front & Rear Disk Brakes

Do you catch your breath easily by cycling but also don’t want to miss out on the enjoyment of rides? Malisa electric trike possesses fat tires which allow you to cycle as much as you want without getting you overworked! Claiming their electric tricycle provides one of the most comfortable rides that a user can experience, Malisa is equipped with huge cargo space to help its rider move about material whether it be groceries, tools, or a pet from one destination to another. 

Malisa’s strong motor of 750 watts and premium li-ion battery allows the electric tricycle to go up to 31 miles and more per charge with no pedal assistance. The powerful motor allows the trike to go up to a maximum speed of 26 miles per hour helping you get your chores done quickly!

Possessing a sturdy aluminum alloy frame, the bike can take up to a load weight of about 440 lbs and along with its thick premium tires, one can not only comfortably ride around the city’s streets, but can also make a detour to rugged trails and sandy beaches.

The front wheel is equipped with disc brakes ensures a smooth and safe braking system and allows one to stop their tricycle in time and without any rough stop. This tricycle might just be the best electric tricycle for adults and a favorite for many. It makes it easy to get around while saving up on gas money and getting their physical exercise quota done!

  • Allows one to paddle through their ride without exerting too much strength
  • Has great cargo space to carry your items whether they are grocery bags or your pets
  • Its sturdy designed frame allows it to hold up a load of about 440 lbs
  • A comfortable ride through plain or sandy landscape
  • Quite difficult to assemble unless you have some experience

Emojo Caddy Pro Tricycle for Heavy-duty Carrying

48V Etrike for adults by Emojo

Safe & Fun Ride for Seniors

  • 500W Brushless Motor
  • Top Speed 20 Miles Per Hour
  • Mileage: Upto 35 miles
  • Weight Capacity: 320 Lbs

A comfortable seat and pleasant ride can be a guarantee if you get hold of this electric tricycle! Powered by a motor of 500 watts and a 48-volt battery, the Emojo electric trike can offer you one smooth ride! The trike comes with a large cargo space along with a basket providing you an easy medium to transport your carrying material whether it be a grocery bag or some tools from one place to another with minimal effort!

Having a strong and tight aluminum frame, the trike frame weighs about 70 pounds inclusive of the battery, and can go up to a maximum speed of 20 miles per hour and cover a distance of about 35 miles on every single charge!   

The Emojo is supported by three wide and thick tires which ensures a well-balanced ride and allows the rider to explore not only the streets of the city but also allows them to make a trip to sandy and muddy trails, beaches, etc. Hence, your cycling trips might just become adventurous with this purchase of yours!

But assembling it can be a hassle if it’s your first time so you have to prepare yourself to get all techy with this part- but this inconvenience comes with any purchase of such kind. Also, the eTrike might not be the best support for inclined places and can be best suited to flatter ground! So if that’s where you mostly travel, getting chores done and roaming around might just be more fun on your Emojo electric trike!

  • Emoji’s thick tires ensure a smooth ride through beaches and streets
  • It can cover a distance of about 35 miles on a single charge
  • Has cargo space as well as a basket which provides great space for you to roam around with your carrying accessories and items
  • Assembling this eTrike can be a hassle especially if it’s your first time
  • The eTrike is best suited for flatter grounds and won’t be a smooth ride on inclined slopes

DWMEIGI Adult Electric Tricycle with 24-inch Wheel

DWMEIGI electric tricycle for seniors

Affordable Trike with Great Value

  • 350W Motor
  • Shimano 7 Speed
  • Top Speed 15 Miles Per Hour
  • Mileage: Upto 35 Miles with Paddle Assist
  • Weight Capacity: Up to 300 Lbs

DWMEIGI takes into consideration adults of all heights and can prove to be a suitable electric tricycle for adults ranging from the height 4“11-6”2. The electric trike being paired with a fully adjustable seat tube as well as the handle stem allows the rider to best position the trike in a setting that provides them an optimum and comfortable ride.

The bike possesses a powerful motor of 350 watts and is geared with a 36 volts lithium battery. This allows the rider to reach up to a speed of 15 miles per hour! Shimano 7 gears shifters ensure a wide range when it comes to gears and smoothes out any shifting making your ride an easy and pleasant one for you!

The battery, having fast charging ability, fully charges in four to five hours and is sufficient for trips around your town! Moreover, the battery being portable can easily be charged whilst on the frame or even when off of it!

Being designed specifically keeping adults in mind, the length of the down tube is only 38cm which ensures an easy process for an adult to get on and off the electric tricycle without any risk of getting an injury.

The bike also comes with an attached cargo basket at the back which provides great space for you to fit in any carrying bag, or picnic box and move about without the fear of them falling down!

The bike has an installed 200-lumen headlight to make sure you are clear of everything coming ahead of you at night, while the two red taillights help indicate those behind you and ensure no one bumps into you!

Being a sturdy designed electric tricycle for adults with a good balance, this might just be the best suited for any adult and also senior members!

  • Has fully adjustable seat tube as well as handle stem which can allow one to choose a setting which provides an optimum position for them
  • The smart battery can fully charge in about 5 hours only and can last one for great miles
  • It ensures an easy and safe process for an adult to get on and off through the eTrike owing to the length of its down tube
  • Presence of headlight and taillight ensure a safe and smooth rude
  • The bike also has great balance and ensures smooth turns
  • Assembly instructions are useless (a common issue with Electric Bikes)
  • Not Suitable for hilly areas because it lacks power

3SCORE Electric Cruiser Style Fat Trike

best electric fat trike for adults

Foldable Electric Tricycle

  • 750W Geared Hub Motor
  • Top Speed: 30 Miles per Hour
  • Mileage: Over 45 Miles
  • 5-Level Paddle Assist System
  • Double Suspension
  • Up to 430 Lbs Weight Capacity (330 Lbs max for the rider)

Powered through a strong motor of 750 watts and a 48 volts battery, 3SCORE enables its rider to go up to a maximum speed of 30 miles per hour and get their work done quickly. Not only this, with its powerful motor paired with a premium battery that takes up to only 5 hours to be charged, can allow you to easily ride 45 miles and more!

3SCORE Electric tricycle is also supported through a total of 5 smart levels which helps you engage with your bike in steps. At level zero, the PAS being inactive requires you to pedal at a normal effort while at level 5, minimum effort is required to pedal your way through your ride. Hence, you can easily choose the amount of effort you want to put in and make your ride a less strenuous one!

The e-Trike is also geared with yellow lights to signal anyone whether you make a left or right turn through it. The electric horn also ensures that you can easily make anyone aware coming in your way that you are cruising on your eTrike!

The tricycle also has wide tires of 4 inches with 24-inch front wheel rolls allowing you to easily take your trike on any sort of landscape whether it is sandy or muddy and it will prove to be a good companion! 

With double suspension and 20”x 4.0” rear wheels lowering the bike’s center of gravity, this electric tricycle for adults offers a smooth and balanced ride!

  • It possesses a strong battery system which allows the eTrike to travel up to 45 miles on one charge
  • Has 5 different smart levels which one can adjust to their liking of the amount of effort they want to out into paddling
  • The fat tires ensure the eTrike provides a smooth and pleasant ride even on a rugged land
  • Double Suspension
  • Additional Features such as parking brakes, turn signals, and more
  • Some users claim it to be unstable

Advantages of owning an Electric Tricycle for Adults

Electric tricycles are most common among adults and seniors who don’t feel comfortable riding a bicycle. It can be because of terrain, mobility issues or sometimes they just want to be more careful and stay on the safer end. Here are some of the benefits of owning an electric tricycle:

1. An easy way to fitness!

With all this, you might be wondering what are the benefits of going for an electric tricycle. Well, cycling is a great medium for one to get exercise done and to get all their body parts into some form of movement. This ensures an overall healthier lifestyle and keeps one in a more active form and shape. Going around to get your chores done, whether it be grocery shopping or just taking a detour to the bakery next street on your e-trike can help you lose unhealthy calories while also helping you build your muscles stronger.

This is also an easy way of building up one’s stamina while also engaging in aerobic fitness exercises which engage all your muscles and makes them more active. Moreover, in case of an injury, one can begin low stamina exercise through one’s electric tricycle and build up their fitness for more strenuous exercises or routes.

Exercising and remaining fit through this medium can be great fun too! One can take trips to the beach, hilly areas, and different towns and capture all the mesmerizing views while they build up their strength!

2. Your step at saving the environment!

Electric tricycles also help one to take a step towards actively saving the environment and protecting it from tonnes of pollution.

Harmful chemicals that release from motor vehicles are harmful not only to humans, but also to nature, trees, and marine life. Moving about through smart transportation mediums like that of eTrike allows one to be an aware member of society who can; henceforth, contribute towards reducing carbon emissions.

3. It is light on your pocket!

Electric tricycles are easy on your pockets! Since electric tricycles don’t classify as motor vehicles, they don’t require you to possess insurance or a license to operate and can hence, be easily used! However, laws may vary from region to region, so just do your little research for any state-required formality.

Not only this, there are no fuel costs, the prices of which are reaching a new level with the global economy experiencing fluctuations. What better form of saving can be than to cut down on gas money?

Moreover, these electric tricycles for adults operate on battery recharge and a 4-5 hour charge can take one long way and can provide great ease and accessibility! Secondly, the batteries mostly consist of lithium and can last up to 700-800 charges before having to be replaced!

4. Quick easy recharge!

Electric tricycles hold the ability to charge within 4-5 hours allowing you to travel several miles before needing to recharge. Not only this, but many now come equipped with smart chargers and portable batteries that allow you to charge batteries whenever you get the chance!

For instance, if you go for lunch or dinner, you can remove the battery and plug it in while you dine. Or whenever you get the chance, because you don’t need to drag the whole tricycle with you.

I used to bring mine upstairs, plug it in overnight, and take it off in the morning when it will be fully recharged.

Moreover, with lockable batteries, the risk of your bike being stolen away becomes less likely!

5. Easily transportable!

Being equipped with the feature of being foldable, you can easily take your eTrike with you from one place to another and enjoy the breeze of different places of the world with your companion!

So, which electric tricycle for adults is the best among these?

Each electric tricycle offers something that suits adults; however, my personal favorite might just be Motan M-330 with all the features that it offers. Though it is a bit on the higher-end when it comes to price, but with the mileage and power, it is totally worth it.

3SCORE is a steal too! With its premium qualities and smooth ride, the bike comes with many additional features that others don’t offer. The smart 5 level PSA feature of this electric tricycle allows you to choose the amount of strength you have to put in paddling and hence, can be a safe option for any adult!

And on top of that, it is foldable. However, some users think of it is unstable. Therefore, it is not my first priority.

Nonetheless, all the electric tricycles on this list are suitable for adults and seniors and offer great comfort, safety, and a fun riding experience. Plus they are sturdy and you will be good for years to come.

Don’t forget to leave your thoughts in the comments section below. Also, check out our other article on tandem bikes for sale.

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