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Best tandem bikes for sale- Tandem Bikes 2019

This a complete buyer’s guide related to tandem bikes for sale, hence contains all the information that you need to make an informed decision.

Although most of us have usually rode a solo or single rider bicycle and know that it, for sure, is a rewarding experience.What some of us have not experienced is riding a tandem bike.

If you enjoy the solo rides, a tandem can take your riding experience to a whole new level. These bikes are the best option when you have a partner with you who is also as passionate about cycling as you are.

before saying anything about the tandems, let’s answer something first!

What is a tandem bike?

Well the most simple answer to this question is “A tandem bike is a two-seater bike where front rider steers the bike while both of them pedal to move the bike”.

Tandem bikes are more fun than solo bikes

Why? because tandem bikes are more stable and faster and give you the opportunity and ability to ride along your partner, your kid or your friend on the same frame without the worries of being left behind or leaving behind, synchronizing yourself with the other person, communicating easily and have an experience that is unforgettable.

Though tandems are fun, but finding a reliable manufacturer in the market is always a trouble. You can find for sale tandem bikes models made from steel to the ones made from carbon in a variety of prices, and spending money without prior knowledge is not always a good strategy.

So to solve this frantic problem, i have prepared a list of best tandem bikes for sale that will surely end your hunt for the tandem bike. Meanwhile the information provided here will guide you to make an informed decision.

ImageNameManufacturerFrame MaterialFrame SizeBike Weight
Sachinn twinn tandem bike for sale pictureSchwinn Twinn Tandem BicycleSchwinn Bicycle CompnayAluminum20" front
16" rear
47 pounds
Giordano tandem bike for sale pictureGiordano Viaggio Tandem Road BikeGiordanoAluminum20" front
16" rear
42.5 pounds
Northwood green dual drive tandem bike for sale pictureKENT Northwoods Dual Drive Tandem BikeKENTSolid Steel29" front
20" rear
65.8 pounds
Kent comfort tandem bike for sale pictureKENT Dual Drive Tandem Comfort BikeKENTSolid Steel29" front
20" rear
65.5 pounds
picture with pacific dualie tandem bicycle for salePacific Dualie Tandem BicyclePacificSolid SteelN/A59 pounds
Northwood red dual drive tandem bike for sale pictureNorthwoods Dual DriveKENTSolid Steel29" front
20" rear
55.5 pounds
A list of best tandem bikes in 2019

Now without any further due, let’s look at these for sale tandem bikes in a bit detail and decide which one is most suitable for you.

6 of the best tandem bikes for sale

1. Schwinn Twinn Tandem Bicycle

Picture of sachwinn twinn tandem bike for sale

One of the most amazing and reliable tandem bikes for sale in 2019 within a value-price range is a Schwinn twinn tandem bike.

Best suited for casual rides, this tandem bike is a great choice for riding with your partner or child.

The aluminum frame of this tandem bicycle makes it more sturdy, thereby, making it preferable by most of the users.

This bike comes with an extra low step-thru rear bar that makes it perfectly suitable for all the riders whether they are children or an adult.
The worry of leaving your child behind is now gone because of this.

The 21- speed EZ-fire Shimano trigger shifters along with Shimano rear derailleur provide the riders with an extensive range of gears with easy gear shifting while riding.

This vast gear range enables both riders to ride easily on any type of terrain.

Schwinn twinn tandem bike also features mechanical disc brakes. These brakes provide riders with ultimate stopping power and complete control in any alarming situation.

Same goes for the Schwinn suspension fork, which is very sturdy and reliable, keeping riders in control of everything.

In the mean time,both of the handlebars have ergonomic grips along with the plush fitness seats. These two keep the riders very comfortable while creating a more enjoyable riding experience.

Important Suggestion!

if you are a professional rider and ride on tracks, the fork is a bit heavier for you which can make fast turns a bit difficult.
On the other hand, if you are buying it for casual use, the fork is absolutely fine for that and you have nothing to worry about.

Product Specifications

Weight: 47 pounds
Wheels measure: 26 inches
Frame: 20” front frame and 16” rear frame stoker
Material: High-end Aluminum


-Extra low step-thru bar
-Ergonomic grip Handlebars
-Sturdy and strong Aluminum frame
-Mechanical Disc Brakes
-21-speed Shimano shifters
-Shimano rear derailleur
-Light Weight than other value-price models
-Plush fitness saddles


-Pedals hit the surface while riding on uneven ground
-Back bearings are of average quality and might require replacement.

2. Giordano Viaggio Tandem Road Bike

picture of giardano viaggio tandem road bike for sale

No. 2 on our list of best tandem bikes for sale is Giordano Viaggio Tandem road bike. This tandem bike is made for riders who are on their entry level to this tandem game and experience.

Though this bike is not the top class high end bike but certainly is among the best when it comes to buying a budgeted tandem.

There are some flaws in this bike due to cutting cost policy and to provide a low price tandem bike for many individuals. One the other hand, there are many good things too.

Starting from the custom-designed frame that is made from 7005 aluminum which actually is of good quality material. Along with that, the frame size is also above average for taller individuals while perfect for the ones who are below 6 feet.

Apart from that, the Shimano ST2300 STI 8 speed shifters in combination with Shimano-RD-TX51D rear derailleur are there.

These trigger shifters provide the tandem riders with variety of gears and make riding more easier.

Meanwhile Giordano tandem bike features Shimano-CS-HD30-11-30 8 speed free wheel to make the riding experience more better.

Suggestions for modifications!

After buying this tandem bike, first thing to do is to make some modifications. Two things; the Tires (not wheels) and single pivot brakes, replace them immediately because they are no good. After that, check the position stems and modify them if they are not suitable for your height. Adjust the derailleur if that is not properly set-up (which mostly would not be).

The last thing that you might have to do is replace the seats/saddles but that is only when you think they are not comfortable enough for you.

If you can make this modifications, you surely will have the best tandem bike at your hand. Else, it is still a better choice for a budgeted tandem bike that can be used for casual rides.


Bike Dimensions: 79 x 29 x 8 inches
Weight: 42.5 Pounds
Frame Size: 20 inches (front), 16 inches (rear)
Frame Material: 7005 Aluminum


-7005 Aluminum frame
– Shimano-CS-HD30-11-30 8 speed free wheel
– Shimano ST2300 STI 8 speed shifters
– RD-TX51D rear derailleur
– Elegant Design
– Low price tandem bike for sale


Many parts are like tires and brakes are useless and require replacement with some good ones.

3. KENT North-woods Dual Drive Tandem Bike for sale- Green

Picture of North-woods green tandem bike for sale

Northwoods dual drive tandem bike is a hybrid, perfectly suitable for casual rides in the city or on plain terrain and certainly deserves a third spot on our list of best tandem bikes for sale.

Best part of buying this tandem bike is that it gives you the thrill of tandem bike while staying on a much affordable price level.

North-woods dual drive tandem bike comes with reliable and good quality cruiser style frame that also gives an amazing look.

The tires of the this bicycle are 2.1 inch wider, making it more better than normal tires.

Also the 29 inch front frame and 20 inch rear frame is suitable for almost every height and provides proper space for everyone.

Along with that, the alloy linear pull V brakes have been provided in this bike. These brakes are not the best but certainly are a better option in such low price items.

These for sale dual drive tandem bikes are perfect for cost conscious people or for the ones who are in their very beginning stage of introduction with tandems. Meanwhile, there are some modifications which can be made in these tandem bikes to make them more reliable and get the most out of them.

Modifications to make this for sale tandem bike more better!

1. Wheels: replace them if you find that these are not most suitable ones for you because they are of average quality.

2. Fork is heavier, so beware of making any fast turns and lubricate it properly, or better, change it with the one that is better.

3. Replace captain’s pedal and stoker’s saddle


Bike weight: 65.8 pounds
Wheel size: 26 inches
Frame Size: 29 Inch front frame – 20 Inch rear frame


Cruiser style durable frame
Alloy linear pull V brakes
2.1 inch wider
Spring Gel saddles
Bottle Holders
Revo Twist Shifters


Fork is heavier than anticipated
Pedals are not wide enough for stoker
Requires Modifications

4. Kent Dual Drive Tandem Comfort Bike

KENT Comfort tandem bike for sale

Tandem comfort bike frame is a hybrid of tandem road bikes and tandem mountain bikes.
Most suitable for recreational riding and introducing your self to tandem bikes, it certainly is best value for the price.

Meanwhile the frame size of 18″ front and 17″ rear, with overall this tandem two-wheels is perfectly suitable for training young riders to get accustomed with the tandem bikes.

Like most of the bikes manufactured by KENT, this one also has a sturdy cruiser style frame made of solid material.

Similarly the tires have been kept wider than normal tires for better road grip and rider comfort.

Suggestions for buying this bike!

Properly lubricate the bike parts, especially the chain, while assembling. That would decrease the chances of any initial problems during first ride.

Saddles get worn out after some time of usage, so do replace them with some good ones too. Otherwise, it is a good recreational and intro bike for a low price tandem.

The linear pull V brakes made of alloy are also a good addition in this bike for better control and are reliable enough to be well trusted.


Bike Dimensions: 77.5 x 8.2 x 26 inches
Bike Weight: 65.5 pounds
Tire size: 26 inches


Sturdy cruiser-style frame
Revo twist shifters
Shimano drive train -21 speed
Linear pull V brakes
Best for recreational riding or training
Spring gel saddles


Saddles get uncomfortable after some time of usage

5. Pacific Dualie Tandem Bicycle for Sale

picture with pacific dualie tandem bicycle for sale

For individuals who have no experience in riding tandem and are going to buy it for the first time to try whether it works for them or not. This Pacific Dualie tandem bicycle is perfect option.

Also you can use it to train yourself and your riding partner, before buying an expensive two-riders bicycle.

It is a road bike with average weight, fine features and cheapest price.

Instead of buying a $2000-$3000 tandem, you can check this bicycle out and see your compatibility with the tandem.

Steel material of the bicycle frame makes it reliable enough to try it out for some time or simply use for around the block rides. Hence a good option for new tandem riders.

In addition to that, some other parts that are featured in this bike include the Alloy wheel, linear pull brakes and crank- making it light weight with wide gear range.

This bike also has Shimano 21 speed derailleur along with 21 speed twist shifter that allows gear changing option while riding.

For the price that is being offered, it, for sure, is the best tandem bike in it’s price range.

Any modifications in this bicycle?

In the first place, i would not recommend any modifications. This bike is not worth going too deep for replacements and modifications. But still, if you like going for long rides, do change the saddles and the tires. everything else is good enough to try out the two-seater riding experience.

Apart from that, hopefully, you wont have to replace anything for normal rides.


Bike weight: 59 pounds
Size: 26″ tandem cycle


Best bicycle for it’s price
Good for novice tandem riders
26″ size
Solid Steel frame
21 speed twist shifter
Shimano 21 speed derailleur
Alloy wheels
Linear pull brakes
features Alloy crank for better and wider gear range


More suitable for short term use

6. KENT Northwoods Dual Drive tandem bike for sale -RED

Northwood red dual drive tandem bike for sale picture

Kent North-woods dual drive- RED is a very cheaper version of Dual-drive green.

Most of the features are not just similar but exactly same in these Models.

Dual drive red features the same cruiser-style frame made of durable steel along with revo shifters and 21 speed Shimano tourney drive train.

In contrast, the width of tires and the bike color is kept different to make it a little bit more cheaper. North-woods green has 2.1 inch wider tires while this model has 1.95 inch wider tires respectively.

Other things like the spring gel saddles and linear pull V brakes are same too.

Compared to north-woods green buying this model gives you the benefit of enjoying the same benefit, but on much lower price.
Also, those who think they should try the tandem bikes but do not want to risk their money, this is the best tandem on the lowest price they can possibly get.


Frame Size: 29 inch front – 20 inches rear
Weight: 55.5 pounds
Bike Dimensions: 95 x 25 x 39 inches
Tire width: 1.95 inches
Tire size: Standard 26″


cruiser style steel frame
Light weight than other similar tandem models
Linear pull V brakes
Good for cruising around the beach
Spring gel saddles
Revo twist shifters along with 21-spedd shimano drive train
Lowest price tandem bike for sale


Lubrication required even when it arrives
Some parts like paddles are of average quality
Heavy fork

Picture with FAQ written

Some Important Questions!

How long is a tandem bike?

A standard tandem bike is around 2.3-2.5 meters long. That is more than double for a solo rider bike.

Are tandem bikes faster and efficient?

Yes! tandem bikes are certainly faster and more efficient than single rider bikes. On a tandem, the power is double while the total weight is far more less than two solo bikes along with their riders.

How do tandem bikes work?

Tandem bikes are two rider bikes. The front rider or the captain is the one responsible for steering the bike while the rear rider/stoker navigates and pedals along with the captain.

How much weight can a tandem bike hold?

A tandem bike is certainly sturdy and can hold the total weight of more than 450 pounds on average. Some models of tandem can hold the weight of around 600 pounds.

Is riding a tandem bike hard?

Riding a tandem bike is hard in the beginning because both of the riders take time to synchronize and get used to steering and navigating.
After first 30-40 miles, the tandem becomes more easier and fun.

Do You Know?

The front rider of a tandem bike is called “Captain” while the rear rider is known as “Stoker”

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And Do Not Forget to give your suggestions and recommendations for this list of best tandem bikes for sale in 2019 in the comments section below.

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