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Real Cars for Kids – Best ride on cars Reviews and Buyer guide

This buyer guide is related to real cars for kids.

It contains all the information that you require to make an informed decision about buying the best ride-on car for your kid.

Having kids in the house is a blessing.
And the moment they are born, they start getting familiar with toys.

Parents try to provide them with the best and kids, well they are just kids looking for different ways to have fun.

According to many researchers, these toys help them learn many abilities like cognitive abilities, hand-eye coordination and dexterity. So yes, they are definitely necessary for the kids.

But! The stressing times are when you explore the market of toys. I encountered this situation when I was out in the market with my dad. That time, we were looking for a ride on car for my little brother. There were hundreds of overwhelming choices that had different colors, features, safety standards, and prices. And choosing among all of them was certainly a pain.

I believe you too are going through a similar situation. But you don’t have to worry because that is where we come in. We have prepared a complete list of the 10 best real cars for kids. This list is prepared in a manner that is most helpful for parents to make a great choice.

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Without further due, let’s get to our top picks of real cars for kids.

10 of the best real cars for kids|ride on cars

2018 Mercedes SLS AMG

Mercedes electric car for kids in silver color . best value for money

Mercedes SLS is a real beauty. With all the features that a kid can wish for and parents can desire, it’s a best choice.

12V battery, leather seats, options for touch LCD, micro SD and aux wire are some of the notable features in this car.

Along with that, extra space in trunk and seat belts are in there too.

Besides that, front and rear LED lights on the car give it a stylish look. These also make it safe to ride at night and much more fun than ever before. The car is made of the best quality materials, is comfortable for the kid, and definitely scores higher on the durability matrix.

All these reasons are quite enough to put this car on our list of best real cars for kids. Let’s have a look at this baby’s pros and cons.

  • 12V long lasting battery
  • 3 different speed options to move the car forward and the reverse option is available too
  • Foot pedal for the kid
  • Parental control through a remote
  • LCD touch screen
  • Music player options
  • Leather seats with adjustable seat belts
  • Easy Assembly
  • LED Lights on front and rear
  • High safety standards
  • High Price

Rollplay GMC Sierra Denali|real kids car

GMC Sierra ride on car truck black with open doors.

This GMC Sierra Denali is among the best ride on cars for many reasons. The way it is made and the features that it has, give a feel of the real ride.

It has two doors that not only open but have realistic windows and uses two batteries.

Another best thing about this epic piece is the battery indicator which, if not provided, creates a lot of trouble.

Besides that, it ruins the fun of the ride because you always have to be worried about the battery and charging.

This feature is though simple, but is the one that should be in every ride on car for the feasibility of the parents.

  • 2 different forward speed levels of 2.5 and 5 MPH and a reverse speed level of 2.5MPH
  • Place for two AA batteries
  • Comfortable for two kids
  • Powerful and works fine on grass or road
  • 2 doors that can open
  • Battery life indicator to show the charging level and avoid overcharging
  • Mp3 player, LED headlights and tail lights
  • Stylish look
  • External charging port to make charging easier
  • Batteries are not provided with the vehicle
  • Hard to open doors
  • Assembly is a bit difficult for someone doing it for the first time

Maserati Grancabrio 12V Electric Kids Ride On Cars

maserati pink mini car for girls

This mini car is officially licensed by Maserati and is well built under ASTM standards.

Kids can operate these mini cars for kids through the gas pedal and steering wheel. Meanwhile, parents can watch over by having the remote control in hand and control the moves.
It has 2*12V Powerful motors that are connected with rear wheels. These motors help the car to reach a speed of 3.1 MPH.

Besides that, this real car comes in 5 different colors and amazing features. For instance, spring suspension wheels, Music player options, Bluetooth and USB connectivity, horn and engine sound, and above all, proper safety measures and control.

Grancabrio is suitable for kids from 1-5 and comes with a 1-year replacement parts warranty. Other than that, you have 3 months free return option too. It would be right to say that this is one of the best mini cars for kids available in the market.


Car Dimensions: 48.4”L * 23.2”W * 20”H
Battery: 12V 7 Ah battery (included)
Motor: 12V 2*45 W motors
Charger: 12V 1000 MA

  • Spring Suspension System
  • Beautiful and inviting design
  • Attention to detail and amazing colors
  • Great features available at a very good price
  • Parental remote control, opening doors, realistic engine sounds, music players
  • Battery power and recharge time are good and battery is long lasting.
  • Mp3 and USB port
  • Head and tail lights
  • Strolling option (to move easily when battery is fully drained)
  • Turning is hard in lawns

Ferrari spider GT style Ride on car

ferrari GT style cars for kids. best ride on car on red and white color

Another car that successfully made to our top picks is Ferrari spider GT style, designed and manufactured by Moderno Kids.

This real car for kids is made by keeping even very little details in mind to provide the kids with an outstanding riding experience.

Best Features

If we look at its operations, it has some unique and awesome features like push start button and sports style opening doors to make the experience as real as possible.

The car is equipped with an Electric Braking System that controls the braking mechanism of the car and makes the accelerator work in a better manner.

The previous issue with the accelerator was a sudden speed boost whenever the accelerator was pressed. That is resolved through Electric Braking System in this kid’s car model.

Now the accelerator increase speed in a more gradual manner which makes it safer and enjoyable.

Another amazing feature of this car is a smart battery charging technology. This feature avoids the overcharging of the battery and increases the battery life expectancy by maintaining battery health.

For kid’s safety, the car has seat belts and rubber traction band wheels along with parental remote control.

The car has 3-speed options including one reverse gear and 2 forward gears which can be controlled manually and through the remote control.

The music system for this car is also advanced and amazing. It has the option of Aux Wire, Integrated MP3 player, micro SD, USB, and external devices like phones.

Other Specs

Weight of the car – 45 pounds
Dimensions – 40 x 24 x 19 (Dimensions are in inches)
Battery – 12V rechargeable battery
Charging Time – 8-10 hours (Once fully charged can work up to 1.5 hours)

  • Electrical Braking System
  • Spring Suspension system
  • Smart Charging Technology
  • Real Sports style opening doors
  • Button-Push Start
  • Leather Seats and seat belts
  • Parental Remote Control
  • Assembly is required

BMW i8 Sports Style ride on car| real cars for kids

real cars for kids/ Ferrari GT Spider style ride on car black with open doors

This car is one of the first ride on cars that I thought are perfect for this list. The BMW i8 got it all.

It has the most amazing features available in the market, a very nice look, conforms to all safety regulations, and all that is available at a very amazing price.

Best Features

As I mentioned earlier, this is one of those cars that have the most amazing and realistic features from the prospect of both, a parent and the kid.

Starting from the ignition or starting mechanism, this car has a key ignition system for starting the car. Then there is engine sound to provide kids with an experience that is realistic and fun worthy.

Also, the car has working LED headlights, taillights, and other LED lights in wheels and dashboard.

The parental remote control helps the parent to keep everything in check and take control in case of any potential danger.

It is also useful in situations where the kid is yet learning and can’t be trusted with controls for now.

Another outstanding thing, which makes this car a better choice is the battery indicator that shows the real-time battery consumption and how much of it is remaining and the shock absorbents, which save your kid from any bumps on the way.

Apart from that, opening doors of the car and seat belts are something that adds to the style and makes it more attractive for the kids and the parents.

For entertainment purposes, the car has built-in tracks along with a USB slot and an Mp3 connection.

There are 3-speed options in the car and a Gearbox for speed changes instead of having buttons and ultimate user experience.

Technical Aspects

Dimensions of package – 48 x 25 x 15 inches
Battery – 10 V 7 ah rechargeable battery
Weight Capacity – 66 lbs or 30 kg
Suitable for kids of 2-5 years of age
Charging time – around 8-12 hours with a usage time of almost 1.5 hours

  • Gear box
  • Battery indicator
  • Key ignition system
  • Sports style opening doors
  • Shock Absorbents
  • 3 speed levels
  • Seat belts
  • Led head tail and wheel lights
  • Mp3 player and USB port
  • Parental remote control
  • Sturdy and good quality materials
  • After sale services
  • Engine sounds can be loud (but surely aren’t harmful for anyone)

Ride-On Car Truck by Best Choice Products| real cars for kids

best choice car truck in real cars for kids black

If your kid is more into trucks than the stylish car and loves the beasts, you should give it a go.

This single seat truck comes with some of the basic features accompanied by some advanced ones and 90 days warranty period.

The features like parental control via remote and different speed levels make it worthy of buying as compared to the other expensive models.

From our point of view, it provides you the best value for the amount that you pay.

  • Easy assembly
  • 3 speed levels
  • Can be operated through foot pedal, steering wheel and remote control
  • Built in music player with a children playlist and the port for Aux wire
  • Parental control
  • Spring suspension that makes ride fun rather than painful and difficult
  • Beautiful and stylish exterior with LED lights
  • Seats are made of plastic which can sometimes be uncomfortable
  • Replacement parts are not available from the seller’s side. (in case you want to change any part or it is broken). So you got to be careful.

Uenjoy 12V ride on car

real cars for kids car truck for kids among cars for kids

This 12V ride on car by Uenjoy is something worthy of looking if you want a car which is bigger, better, economical and is a perfect choice for kids between 1-5 years old.

Best Features

It comes with a remote control to handle the car movements for your kid if you don’t want him to handle the wheels for now. Also the remote control allows you to handle the car by using 3 different speeds.

Apart from that, the remote control has the ability to override the manual control and even set the speed limit for the manual ride.

Manually the kid can enjoy 4 speed levels, 2 for forward movement and two for reverse with max speed of 4 mph.

Although this max speed seems low but because this car is designed for kids who age from 1-5 years, these speed levels are safer for your own kids.

The spring suspension system makes the ride smooth and allows your kid to be safe.

Also this car comes with 8 different colors which gives you a choice to choose the perfect color for your kids ride.

The working LED lights make it more attractive for the kids and allow them to drive even in dark.

For your kid’s entertainment purpose and boost the fun, this beauty comes with a digital media player that can be used by putting in a USB, a micro SD card or using the AUX and some prerecorded hits. So, your kid can listen to his favorite music while riding the car and move to the beat while having fun.

Other Specifications

This product has the overall dimensions of 49.2” * 31.5” * 31.5” and has the ability to handle weight up to 88 lbs.

Also it is equipped with the 12V 7 Ah battery which is very reliable and of good quality.

For the money that is being paid and features that are being provided, it deserves the chance to be on the list of best ride on cars.

  • Parental Remote Control
  • Different speed levels
  • Over riding the manual controls through remote
  • Working LED lights
  • Spring suspension
  • Good weight capacity.
  • Product is delivered in two separate parts which don’t usually come together

Electric Power Ride On Car for kids

electric ride on car for kids with realistic features, economical price and great value

If you are looking for a ride on car that has good features, but is not too fancy and is available in good and affordable price range, this 12V ride on car is the most suitable for you.

Though it doesn’t have most fancy design or a LCD touch screen but it does have some useful features that add the fun in the ride.

Also, it has parental control option through the remote control. So you cannot just keep an eye but actually control the movement of the ride.

  • 2 speed level, high and low with 12V motor and can move backwards too
  • Foot pedal and steering wheel for the kid while the parental control through the remote
  • Working radio and mp3 player option by connecting your phone
  • Easy assembly
  • Working lights
  • Low Quality Battery

Audi TT 12V baby ride on car| real cars for kids

Audi TT real cars for kids white

This ride on Audi TT succeeded to get on this list of best real cars for kids because of three things.

First, this car is specifically for babies.

Second, it is the most economical and affordable ride on car with good features.

Third thing is that, the quality is not bad at all. Though it is not the best quality you can expect for a child’s toy but for the money that is being paid, the quality is great.

So this car certainly deserves to be on our list.

For those with kids of age 1-3 years, this car is amazing. This is because they do not prefer a much expensive option.

It can also be a good choice for users who don’t want a ride on car for longer time period. Or aren’t interested in spending a huge amount on a toy.

Best Features in this real car for kids

This car comes with basic steering wheel and pedal for driving. But it can also be controlled through the remote control, which is good for safety purpose.

It also has seat belt which is very important for a kid’s protection.

Push button start option is also available in this car and when pressed, the car makes starting sounds.

The horn and engine sounds also work when the kid is riding the car. So he can enjoy the ride and make this experience better.

Car seats are comfortable for the kid.

Also the car has the options of Mp3 players and openable doors which add sense of riding a real car.

Speed options are also provided by keeping baby needs in mind. The car can go from 2.5 to 5 KM/H speed and is a safer option.

Other Specifications

Car dimensions – 44.5″ * 24″ *20″(L x W x H)
Car Weight – 34 lbs.
Weight Capacity – 55 lbs
Charging Time – 8-12 hours
Motors available – 2 12 V Motors

  • Parental control through remote
  • Good quality Material
  • Mp3 player
  • Seat belt and other safety measures
  • Push start button
  • Led head and tail lights with working indicators
  • Openable doors
  • Horn and realistic engine sounds
  • Suitable only for 1-3 years old kids

Lil’ Quad vehicles|real cars for kids

Kid riding a lil' quad vehicle| real cars for kids

If you are looking for something that is not just kid friendly but is also of low price. Or you don’t require a lot of options in the product that you want for your kid. This is the one to go for.

Also if your kid is around 2-3 years old and you don’t want to risk buying something that would put him in danger, just go for this one. You will surely love your decision.

These Lil’ quad vehicles are the easiest to handle kids cars and do not cost a fortune.

  • Very easy to operate, even for a toddler because there is only one push button which can be used to start or stop
  • Can be driven on all sorts of surfaces whether it is grass or road.
  • Battery powered
  • Good battery timing
  • Available in four different styles from paw patrol to batman style.
  • Plastic tires make it vulnerable and difficult to move on the inside of the house
  • Can be loud

TIPS! |What we looked for in these real cars for kids|

1. Safety in real cars for kids

The first and most important thing that we look for is safety.

Because even if you are going to spend millions of dollars for your child’s entertainment and he is not safe, well I’d say those millions of dollars are not worth it.

So we think you should go for a real car for your kid that is safe.

Cars with a remote control, double doors, comfortable seats which are adjustable and seat belts? well! these battery powered cars are considered safe.

But if the ride on car is missing these features, we would recommend you to never go for such car.

Having the remote control gives the control to the parents while the child can operate it manually.

When the child is a pro and can drive manually on his own, trust him and let him drive.

2.  A trusted and well reputed supplier

That might seem odd to some of you but that is very important. Why? Let’s see.

Firstly, if you purchase from a trusted supplier, you can contact him in case of any damage during delivery. As a result, he will surely listen to and act out according to your complain.

Secondly, they will provide you with best value of your money as they have a reputation to maintain. Besides that, the parts of the product would be easily available in case you need any.

3. Extra Features/Premium features in car

Some of you might not be familiar with what extra features to look for while buying the ride on car. So, we have listed out most important of the real cars for kids.

  1. Different speed levels
  2. Reverse gear
  3. Storage space
  4. Music players
  5. Battery indicator
  6. Head and tail lights

As a result, these features make riding more enjoyable and much more realistic for a child.

4. The Price Range

Another important aspect that we kept in mind while developing this list is the price range of every product. 

We intentionally selected those products that provide the best value for money and range from around $100 to $500. So, the parents would be able to get the best car for kids while staying in their budget limits.

Concluding Remarks| real cars for kids|reviews

All the products chosen for the list of best real cars for kids / ride on cars have good features and are reliable.

Meanwhile, we have not considered damage during delivery as one of the aspects.

The product damage during delivery is an unexpected thing and a serious issue for many buyers.  But it doesn’t make our list of real cars for kids

Hopefully you would find our efforts for these real cars for kids, useful and love the products.


If you find a product that has all the features and you think it should be on our list of best real cars for kids/ ride on cars, do comment and give your suggestions. Meanwhile if you encounter any issues from the products listed here, feel free to contact us.  That way! you will make it easier for us to properly guide other buyers in their buying process.

Your feedback matters to us

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