features to look for in cars for kids

Features to look for in Cars for kids

I believe most of the parents are not familiar with what features to look for while buying cars for kids. Though that is not a big deal but due to that, they make a very critical mistake which either increases their cost or decreases the durability of car.

What they do is, they generally focus on the appearance and fall for shiny doors and bright multi-color lights. Or sometimes they just focus on price and believe if they are paying good, they will get a good product.
Actually, that is not completely wrong but under that believe, they miss many good options. There are many cars for kids in market that are far better and affordable than those pricey or shiny models.

They have better working, are comfortable and in a great shape too.

In this section, i will introduce you to some of the most critical aspects and features that should be available in mini cars. And after reading that, i am sure you will know what exactly you should be looking for while buying these cars.


Oh Yes! appearance is certainly important. But that is not the only thing which should be focused upon.

Appearance is important because that is obvious thing a kid looks during his first interaction with mini car. If he likes the way that car is, this is a good start.

Battery Power options

What kind of battery a car has and the power it provides to car is also very important.

When your kid drives the car, he wants to enjoy the ride as much as and as long as he can. For that, battery power is the absolute thing to look for. How long the car will run would depend on that.

There are many battery options like 6 V and 12 V single batteries or some mini cars for kids have two 12V batteries. Along with that, good cars offer easy battery charging and replacement features too.

Manual Car controls

steering and manual controls for car

Manual car controls like steering control option with race pedal or buttons to move car forward and backward are also very important.

Depending on your kid’s age, these features would make a difference. Button controls for car movement certainly offer ease but steering wheel and gas/race pedal make the experience very realistic and enjoyable.

So, choose among these features wisely.

If your kid is around 2-3 years of age, you can choose button controls. Otherwise, i would recommend you to go for the steering wheel control.

Safety Features Like parental remote controls and seat belts

Remote control -cars for kids buying guide

Though having fun is the priority for kids, but their safety while having fun should be your priority.

Parental remote control is the first thing to look for. There are several types of these remote controls. Some can just guide the car movements while others can overtake controls and let the parents drive.

After that, seat belt is also very important and works the same way as for elders. In case the kid loses car control and crashes it in lawn or backstreet, seat belt would keep them safe.

Music player options

music player for cars for kids

This feature specifically focuses on the aspect of your kid having fun. A ride without any music is not completely bad. But imagine! your kid is driving his favorite car and enjoying the ride with his favorite tracks on.

He would laugh, he would try to sing along, he would smile and last but not least, he would have more fun than ever.

Comfortable seats

table car seat

There are many cars out there that offer good features but forget to look for a child’s comfort level. Those cars have cheaper seats with hard materials and one objective, profit making.Which should not be the case for a children’s product.

Before buying a car, personally check the seats and leg space whether that is comfortable or not.

That way, your child’s long drives won’t create any issue.

Concluding Remarks!

I’m sure you have read all these points and are clear about what features to look for in cars for kids. The only thing i have to say now is to keep these in mind.

Don’t believe someone who tries to convince you based on some specific feature. Always look for all these features because they are the bare minimum for a good car for kids.

In case you have been wondering where to find such cars, click here to check out 10 best real cars for kids and the second article of this series “Top 10 mini cars for kids“. This will hopefully end your hunt for kids car and help you to make your choice.


  • Mark

    Good points, but I think the tyre choice is important too, hard plastic vs rubber and others, softer rubber will grip better on hard surfaces and less damage.

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