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Top 10 Mini Cars for kids- reviews and buyer guide

Nowadays considering a child’s interest and psyche mini cars for kids are available that are greatly enhanced by technology. These cars offer amazing features and greater functionality compared to previous models available.

This buyer guide is the second version of previously written article on  real cars for kids . You can also check out that article too for some more buying options.

In this article I will introduce you to 10 best and my personal favorite mini cars for kids.
Kids can easily drive these cars. So, through these you can motivate your child and offer them a chance to get involved in real world activities. Also, they do make a great birthday gift. So, you can play both sides with these.

This list includes best kids cars with reasonable prices and I bet you and your young buddy will love them.

Click here to find out what features to look for in these mini cars for kids

Mercedes CLA45 mini cars for kids

Mercedes CLA45 mini cars for kids

Mercedes CLA45 is a real class beauty with so many useful and outstanding features that your kid will love.

This car comes with a 12V 7 Ah battery with protection from over charging and over loading. Besides that, it has 2 powerful motors that support forward and backward car movement with speed limit of 1-5 MPH. These also enable the car to provide different speed levels/ gears. (2 speeds for forward and one for backward movement)

For safety purpose, this amazing mini car for kids features electrical braking system with 5 points safety belt.

Moreover, this beauty has a 2.4 GHz long range parental remote control for parents to steer the car. You can also hit the stop button on controller to instantly stop the car.

Some other features in this kids car include EVA foam rubber tires that require no maintenance, very comfortable PU leather seat, front and back shock absorbers (Spring shock absorbers), under-body and tires LED kit, working headlights and with all that, an MP3 player with SD card, USB and external device music playing options.

This car has 46 x 21 x 28 inches dimensions with weight of 36 pounds and has the weight capacity of 66 lbs.

Also, the car has one year limited warranty with 90 days battery warranty.


The seller recommended age limit for these mini cars for kids is 1-5 years. But please don’t buy that if your kid is 5 years old. Reason being, the car might not be a good fit for him/her. We would recommend you to go for this kids car if your kid is between 1-4 and 4 here is the max limit.


  • Attractive and unique design
  • Well built and Highly durable
  • Spring shock absorbers for front and rear tires
  • High quality PU leather seat with 5 point safety seat belt
  • 2 motors supporting 3 different speed levels
  • Working headlights with under-body and tires LED kit
  • Electric braking system
  • Stylish dashboard with start button and battery display
  • Rubber floor mats
  • Opening Doors
  • Battery overcharging and overload protection
  • 66 lbs. weight capacity
  • Advanced MP3 player


  • Assembly is tricky for those who are doing it for the first time because manual is nothing but garbage.
  • Batteries do not last longer than 30-50 minutes because of so many lights and features, so proceed with caution or buy a backup battery

Explorer 2 Car Truck for TWO

2 seater car for kids - white truck

Buying cars for kids can be easy because there is a huge variety available. But when it comes to trucks, the scenario is completely different. It is extremely difficult to find a good quality car truck for kids.

Meanwhile, this is not going to be an issue for you because we have something that is just perfect.

Explorer 2 is a 12V, 2 seater ride on car truck with a 12 Ah overcharge, overload protected battery.

There are 2 powerful motors that support 2 forward and 1 reverse speed with speed limit of 2-5 MPH.

Besides that, the 2.4 GHz long range parental remote control can help you out to supervise and control your kids driving. Also, the truck gives you 3 speed levels, instead of two, while controlling from remote.

The engine power-ups softly with realistic sounds and creates a natural driving feeling. Along with that, your champ can listen to all the music he wants through Built-in MP3 player and radio. The MP3 player can support external devices like phones, USB drive and micro SD card.

As this truck is for two, there is two way PU leather seat with convertible safety belt for both kids. Seat can also be adjusted as per need.
For comfort and safety, this car truck for kids features electrical braking system, double shock absorbers, gradual acceleration and the best EVA foam rubber tires.

Specifications for these mini kids cars

Explorer 2 has dimensions of 50 x 31 x 30.5 inches and weighs 60 pounds.
One thing to keep in mind is that this truck is suitable for two riders from 2-6 years, while their combined weight doesn’t surpasses 100 pounds.


  • Double shock absorbers with electrical braking system
  • Gradual acceleration to avoid sudden boosts and safe riding.
  • Soft EVA foam rubber tires with soft glow LED lights.
  • 12 Ah overload, over charge protected battery
  • Adjustable soft PU leather seats
  • Convertible seat belt for riders
  • 2-5 MPH speed limit
  • 3 Different speed levels
  • Readily installed under-body LED kit
  • 12 Months replacement parts and 90 days battery warranty


  • Assembly is difficult and if not done properly can create issues.
  • Pricey

Best Choice Products Kids 12V Ride On Electric Lamborghini – Best Design

Lamborghini red mini cars for kids

This 12 V electric Lamborghini AVentador is one of the most exotic designs available in the market. If your little one loves sports cars then this is the ride on car for them.

Starting from it’s functionality, there are two driving modes with two different speed options. Parents can control it through Remote control while kids can drive it manually, using pedal and steering wheel.
There is a horn, head and rear LED lights and cool scissor doors as well. These scissor doors basically open and close like the real Aventador and give kid a sense of uniqueness.

For kids entertainment, there is a built in media player in this mini car for kids. This media player includes built in music, Radio, USB port, AUX wire and Micro SD options. So, you can play your kids favorite tracks through a variety of sources.

Other than that, the assembly for this car is fairly easy and straight forward. It doesn’t take more than 30 minutes to unpack and assemble it, even with basic knowledge.

This mini car for kids is available in 4 different colors. With its adjustable speed and 3.7 MPH Max speed level, your kid can drive it safely but in a fun way. Meanwhile, there is 66 lbs weight capacity for riders which makes it suitable for riders from 3-8 years. Kids younger than 3 can drive but under adult supervision.


Car Dimensions: 52 x 28.8 x 18 inches
Weight: 60.6 pounds
12 V Battery (Rechargeable)
Run Time: 1-2 Hours depending on kids weight
Charging Time: 8-10 Hours (12 hours for first charge)


  • Outstanding and realistic Design
  • Available in 4 colors
  • Easy Assembly
  • Music and entertainment features
  • Seat belt for safety
  • 66 lbs weight capacity
  • 1-2 hours amazing run time
  • MAX 3.7 MPH safe speed
  • Easy controls through Remote or Manual options


  • Remote is of Cheap Quality

Uenjoy Mercedes Benz AMG G55 12V Kids Electric Ride On Car

Mercedes Benz AMG G55 12V black

Next car on our list of 10 best mini cars for kids is this AMG G55 Mercedes jeep from Uenjoy.
This car is equipped with all the practical features that parents look for in cars for kids. Firstly, it is made of non-toxic materials and conforms to ASTM F963-16 standards. Secondly, it ensures kids safety through two driving modes. Kids can drive this car by using gas pedal, steering wheel and shift lever. However, they are not the ones in charge. This is Because parents can control the car movements through remote control and supervise the kids driving.
Lastly, there are 5 points seat belt and spring suspension with those electric wheels of car.

Other than these safety features, there are many other good features too. For instance, this kids car has different speeds from 1 – 6 MPH. You can keep the speed from 1-3 MPH only through remote control while 3-6 mph can be achieved through both RC and manual options.
Furthermore, it has the coolest interior design ever with more details and awesome functionality.

This mini car is very realistic and suitable for kids from 1-6 years old and can bear weight up to 66 lbs. Meanwhile, it is recommended that the kid height should be 3.8 ft or less.

With two headlights and two flashing lights on top, regardless to say, this AMG is fun.


Mini car dimensions: 52” * 26” * 23.6”
Weight: 53 lbs
Battery: 12V 7 AH (Battery Included)
27MHZ Remote Control
Motors: 2 x 35W 12V motors


  • High quality non-toxic materials
  • Bigger size
  • Suitable for kids from 1-6
  • Key Start, just like the real car
  • 66 lbs weight capacity
  • Spring suspension electric wheels
  • Good safety features
  • MP3 player for music
  • 1-6 MPH speed
  • 8-12 hours charging time
  • 1 hour running time depending on weight


  • Assembly is difficult
  • No Bluetooth for music player

Mercedes-Benz S63 Ride on Car Kids

Mercedes S63 ride on car for kids

This mini car for kids comes with two 12V motors for 3 speed levels( 2-3-4 MPH) to accommodate kids and provide a fun ride for their age.

Similar to adult car gear lever, this kids car features a forward – reverse shifter. Besides that, the features many other great and fun options like 2.4 GHz wireless parental remote control, Mp3 player which can be used through Aux, USB and SD card and FM radio with volume control options.

To keep your kid safe, this car comes with a built-in, adjustable seat built.

This mini car not just looks but works similarly as a real car. To bring the experience closer to reality for kids, this car also has front and rear working lights, car horn, built in music tones, and realistic engine sound.


  • Good value for money
  • Better functionality with amazing and productive features
  • Has affordable price
  • This mini car for kids strives to provide the best, safe and realistic riding experience
  • Warranty Available


  • Issues with steering wheel adjustment
  • Doors are not openable which makes it a bit less desirable

TrueMax 12V Quattroporte GTS Ride On Mini cars for kids

Maserati GTS red mini cars for kids with an open door

This Quattroporte GTS mini car for kids comes with very durable material and is well known for it’s safety standards.

It meets ATSM child safety standards. Meanwhile, the plastic used in the car is sturdy, non toxic and premium grade to stay with your kid for a long time.

Although this car is for kids but manufacturer’s attention to detail is amazing. This mini car for kids is identical to Maserati Quattroporte GTS and looks completely realistic from mirrors to tail lights.

Besides that, the car comes with parental control option through which parents can monitor and control these mini cars. You can easily control the car while it’s around 70-80 ft away from you.

As i mentioned earlier, this car is very much identical to the real car. This is not just for the looks but the features too. Maserati Quattroporte has realistic startup sounds along with features such as Mp3 player, Aux wire option, Radio player with pre recorded sounds and many more.

From the aspect of assembly, this car is super easy to assemble because you don’t have to do much except attaching tires, steering wheel and windshield.


  • Super safe and very durable for 3-6 year old kids
  • Comes with a parental remote control that has three speed options and manual driving option through steering wheel and gas pedal
  • Officially licensed by Maserati and is identical to real car in both features and shape
  • Affordable price with amazing features
  • Supports up to 65 lbs weight
  • Has 2 12V motors with 7 amp battery


  • limited colors available

Uenjoy Maserati GranCabrio 12V Electric Kids Ride On Cars 

Uenjoy Maserati GranCabrio 12V Electric Kids Ride On Cars

Uenjoy is well known for their excellent quality products, especially among parents. This mini Grancabrio is one of their best rated designs ever. The reason behind that is it comes with all those features that kids actually love.
For instance, shift lever controls for forward and backward moment and steering control with gas pedal. All these features give a realistic feeling and make riding this mini car very special.

Other than that, there are two headlights and taillights. These 4 lights make car more beautiful in the dark.
There is also a music player, which comes with built-in songs and can also use Bluetooth as an input source. Meanwhile your kids can listen to FM radio as well.
Music and Horn buttons are also available at the steering wheel that increases the fun of riding this kids car.

This mini car has spring suspension system and good quality seat belt. in other words, you will not have to worry about keeping your kids safe.
In addition, it comes with a 2.4 G wireless remote control, that gives movement controls to parents.

As for age limit, this car is suitable for kids from 1-5 years. But if your kid is under 3, i would advise parents to supervise kids while they are riding this mini beauty.
This car also comes with age limit of 77 lbs.

Besides all that, this mini car for kids comes in 5 different colors like black, pink, blue and white.

Another great advantage of buying this car is that you will get 3 months free return and one year warranty with free replacement parts. Regardless to say, this is one of the best mini cars for kids available in the market.


Car Dimensions: 48.4”L * 23.2”W * 20”H
Battery: 12V 7 Ah battery (included)
Motor: 12V 2*45 W motors
Charger: 12V 1000 MA


  • Control through steering wheel, gas pedal and shift lever
  • High quality materials
  • Kids friendly features
  • Seat belt and spring suspension for safety
  • 77 lbs weight capacity
  • Double door design with lockable doors
  • 2 45W motors
  • Wireless remote control
  • Pull handle for moving it around
  • Safe 3 MPH car speed
  • 8-12 hours charging time
  • 1 hour running time


  • Difficult assembly for someone who is not very familiar with that

12V MINI Cooper Electric car for kids

Mini Cooper mini car for kids in blue

This mini car has official license of mini Cooper electric car.

Featuring high quality leather seats with, 12V 7 Ah battery and with 2.4 GHz remote this car is top notch quality products in industry.

Though the kid can drive manually but remote control allows parents to have complete control over the car movement. Manual options to control the car include the steering wheel and gas pedal for direction and speed.

To start this car, there is a push-button start option. As you or your kid would press the button, car would start with realistic engine sounds.
Apart from that, the car has mp3 player to play your kid’s favorite tracks.

These features certainly give the feeling of driving a real car.

To give more realistic experience, developers have given greater attention to the details like functioning headlights, horns and seat belt.

This mini cooper has 43 x 24 x 20 inches dimensions while weighs around 40 pounds. Meanwhile, it can support the weight up to 66 pounds.

Moreover, this car for kids comes with 6 month warranty, so you can ask for replacement in case any parts fail.


  • Perfectly supports kids of age 2-4
  • Have licensed Mini Cooper design
  • Comes with Parental remote control and Push button start option
  • Mp3 option for playing music
  • Steering wheel and pedal for driving.
  • 66 lbs. weight limit
  • 6 months warranty
  • Seat belt for safety
  • 1 hour + usage time
  • Replaceable batteries
  • Attention to every little detail
  • Best value for the money


  • This model doesn’t come with opening doors
  • Plastic tires

6 V Mini Cooper battery powered car for kids

A battery powered 6V car for kids in mini cooper design

Mini Cooper 6 V is a good option available among these mini cars for kids at lowest possible price and offers great value for the buyers.

Those who are looking for a pocket friendly mini cars for their kid, they should consider going for this 6 V mini cooper.

This car comes with cup holders, clear windshield, detailed dashboard, rubber traction strips and chrome rims. These all are functional features to make the riding experience safe, better and fun.

6 V mini cooper for kids also features illuminating dashboard and horn/engine sounds are for a realistic and luxurious feel.

Important Notice!

This mini car doesn’t come with a parental remote control, so i would recommend you to only buy this car if your young one is more than 3 years old. Otherwise, choose options that come with parental remote control so you can always be the one in charge and control unwanted situations.


  • Decent battery powered car for kids in less than $200 (Including the purchase of required 2 AA batteries)
  • Smooth movement with safe speed level
  • Stays in complete control of child
  • Up to 2 hours run time, depending on terrain and weight of kid
  • 77 lb weight capacity which is pretty standard for kids
  • Features pretty good options
  • Stylish look compared to other models at this price level
  • Offers greater value on an affordable and pocket friendly price


  • To charge the battery you’ll have to disconnect it from the car
  • Non-functioning doors
  • No parental remote control

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