5 Best Online Word Editors to Use in 2022

Usually, it is common for people to use something like Microsoft Word for editing documents offline. However, regarding online word processors, there are lots of good choices that disrupt the decision-making of someone looking for the best word editor online. Hence, we have handpicked some of the best word editors that you can use today for free.

These platforms deliver more than enough when it comes to creating a full-fledged document. They also support Docx and doc format, which you can open back and forth in different programs without any issue. Take a closer look at our five best picks for online word editors to use in 2022.

OffiDocs Word

OffiDocs packs a lot of features for a free online word editor. Anyone who wants to create a word document without any hassle should check out OffiDocs. You can easily create and open up the word editor by going to the OffiDocs website. 

It supports doc and Docx file formats, making it a flexible option when you want to open the file on other platforms. OffiDoc fully supports the standard .odt format, and it can also open other formats without any format breaking. 

OffiDocs offers customization of fonts, font sizes, colors, and styles. Moreover, you can change the writing format and plenty of other editing features. With OffiDocs, you can save files as PDF, ODT, doc, Docs, and RTF.

OffiDocs can handle any standard format files, and it is a stable word editor that is completely free. You can edit and view documents written in OffiDoc Word, LibreOffice, and Microsoft Word. If you want to edit and modify any document on the go, you should use this online word editor. OffiDocs is a simple yet robust word editing tool. 

Google Docs

Google Docs is another excellent free online document editor with many useful features for creating and opening Docx files. This online word editor is accessible to use on any browser. Moreover, it has a mobile version optimized for smartphones and tablet users.

This online word processor also has an extension which is a must for avid Google doc users. In addition, the extension allows users to use Google Docs even when they are offline. 

Google Docs supports tons of third-party add-ons along with Google native add-ons. You can easily integrate these add-ons and bring out more of your files. Multiple writers can work on one document simultaneously, saving a lot of time and putting everyone on the same objective. Above all, this real-time collaboration feature is cross-platform, meaning that multiple editors can edit the same document at the same time. After that, it also supports multiple devices such as mobiles, tablets, laptops, and PC.

Keep in mind that Google Docs does not support all Microsoft word formats, but for most users, you won’t face any problems with the formats. Apart from that, the export option of Google Docs is dynamic. You can download Google Docs files even as a web page and EPUB publication. 

Microsoft Word 365

Microsoft desktop version is an industry-leading office suite due to its features that high editors needs. However, the prices of the Microsoft word desktop are very high, and usually, people get it as free add-ons for purchasing Windows. So for those who do not have a Microsoft Word desktop, they can use Microsoft Word 365, which is the free version.

Microsoft Word 365 is an online word processor that comes with all the basic features to edit and create files. Unlike the feature-rich Microsoft word desktop, Microsoft word 365 falls short of features as compared to the desktop version. There is an ample amount of features missing on the 365 in terms of the layouts and formatting. However, if you want to import files from MS word 2019, its formatting will break in the online version anyway. For quick document creation, Microsoft Word 365 is more than you need.

The interface is simple, which makes anyone easily understands how it works. Above all, if you do not want to create a complex project, then Microsoft Word 365 will get the job done. You can simply check OffiDocs for more formatting and style options which MS Word 365 does not provide. 

Apache OpenOffice

Apache OpenOffice is a classic online word editor that is available for free and has features that are amazing. It’swagoon of solid features, including customization, table elements, tools, word search, etc. In addition, the developer team rolls out new features whenever there is an update for the editor.

Professional and casual users use online Word editors, and Apache OpenOffice caters to both types of users. It is free to use and open-source, which means that the source code is accessible for third-party companies to modify the platform. Apart from that, Apache OpenOffice has a spreadsheet program, presentation engine, graphic maker, word processor, and a DBMS application.

Apache OpenOffice supports standard .ODT, DOC, and Docx formats, which are mostly used by its users. However, when you try to open up a similar format document on the apache OpenOffice the formatting might break. So it’s better to save a copy when switching programs. You can also save files as PDF, SWF, PPT, and many more. 

Plenty of third-party and native extensions are available for Apache OpenOffice. These extensions are tools for diagrams, language formulas, grammar checkers, etc. 

Polaris Office

Polaris Office is different from other online word documents in this list, and the difference is its limited-time free period. Despite it not being free for a lifetime, it is still a popular online word editor. That is because you don’t have to pay much to purchase the subscription after the trial ends. The free-trail period still includes enough features that will be helpful for most users. So if you want to try out and see how Polaris Office fits your taste? Then the free trial is waiting for you.

Get the enterprise plan if you want to create and open files accessible to third-party add-ons. The enterprise plan offers all the features and add-ons. Moreover, it is also cheaper than other plans from Polaris Office. 

Polaris Office paid subscription also unlocks real-time collaboration where two or more editors can work on the same files. Apart from the paid version also gets you additional features like PDF export, animation editing, files, and many more. In conclusion, Polaris Office is at the same level as one of the robust desktop word processors.


These word editors work amazing, and depending on the editors’ needs, their choices may vary. However, OffiDocs produces overall the best results if we look from the perspective of all types of writers and editors. It has incredible format support and great features that make editors create files easily. However, It is up to you to choose which online word editor suits your needs the most. 

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